Dr. Haibo Huang joined the UCC Academy in 2014; his job focuses on establishing and strengthening links between UCC and its partner universities, and other higher education institutions in China. He promotes UCC’s global level first-class education, as well as increasing awareness of UCC among Chinese students, encouraging more of them to come to the university for further studies. His role also involves liaison with offices such as the Irish Consulate General in Shanghai, Enterprise Ireland, and the Shanghai Municipality Government to reinforce the existing social and cultural links. He works closely and extensively with the Office of Vice President External Relations and the International Office at UCC.

Apart from working extensively with research communities, he also possess invaluable experience in coordinating and facilitating inter-cultural activities from his experience working part-time since 2005 as Project Manager for the Confucius Institute of UCC, overseeing all inter cultural activities as part of Cork-Shanghai Twinning Scheme.

He is a proactive and enthusiastic science graduate of UCC, completing a full research PhD in Geo-Information Sciences. He was granted a bachelor’s degree from Nanjing University (China), a master’s degree from the University of Leicester (UK) before joining UCC.

Recent Work

Haibo recently brought Tyndall National Institute delegates to Qingdao to facilitate a Robotfish-Tyndall collaboration (see below). Robotfish is a Chinese company that develops underwater ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicles) for aquaculture monitoring and environment

They have proposed to work with Tyndall to design customised mini sensors for marine water quality monitoring for the Chinese market. This company is based in a city government industry incubator called China Oceantec Valley Core Area. Present at the event was the vice mayor of Qingdao city (fifth from left), vice commissioner of the Oceantec Valley (fourth from left), and the President of Robotfish (third from left). This ceremony was highly covered by the media in Qingdao.

Singing Ceremony of Robotfish-Tyndall collaboration centre
Signing Ceremony of Robotfish-Tyndall collaboration centre

Haibo also brought the Tyndall National Institute delegates to Southeast University (SEU). SEU is a 985 and 211 university (Chinese government-run education projects), within the top 20 universities in China and number two in electronic/micro electronic engineering. The below picture was taken in the centre of SEU campus. Tyndall National Institute are hoping to collaborate on joint programmes with School of Electronic Engineering of SEU.

Haibo Huang with members of Tyndall National Institute

L-R Haibo Huang (Manager of UCC Shanghai Representative Office), Sverre Lidhom, Kieran Drain and Alan Morrison (UCC Tyndall National Institute).

Dr. Haibo Huang International
Dr. Haibo Huang
Manager of UCC Shanghai Representative Office

Email: haibo.huang@ucc.ie

Irish Based Alternative Contact
Guanhao Lin: g.lin@ucc.ie/+353 021 420 5559