Chair UCC India Strategy Group: Professor Patrick Fitzpatrick

UCC Director India: Ms Minakshi Batra 

Patrick and Minashi work closely with Dr Christopher Shepard (International Officer UCC and Vice-Chair, UCC India Strategy Group), staff of the International Office, and the UCC India Strategy Group, to develop and implement a strategy for engagement with India. This is based on building relationships with first-tier universities and research institutes, enterprises and NGOS focussed on joint research and development and on staff and student movement in both directions. As a consequence of this strategy an increasing number of UCC researchers and students are engaging in joint projects with their Indian counterparts, while UCC has become an increasingly attractive location for Indian researcher engagement and Indian student enrolment especially at Masters and PhD levels

Thailand & the Philippines

UCC Development Manager: Gearoid McCarthy

Gearoid works directly with UCC’s International Office to establish and grow the profile of the university in Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam to ensure it becomes a preferred destination for international students from those countries. Furthermore, he oversees the initiation of meaningful collaboration with top-tier universities in the region to help realise UCC’s broader international strategy. To date, UCC has collaboration agreements with leading universities in Thailand and Vietnam. Gearoid is currently working with a number of key stakeholders in order to support these endeavours, including UCC’s extensive alumni network, key agent partners and governmental/business contacts, in the respective countries.

North America

Caela Provost is the UCC Academy North American Officer/US Representative and works in conjunction with the UCC International Office . Her position focuses on marketing and recruiting across the US for study abroad and postgraduate programs at UCC. Additionally, she is responsible for organising the return of students from the US Ambassador Program at the university.