Caela Provost is UCC’s North American Officer whose position focuses on marketing and recruiting for study abroad and postgraduate programs at UCC. Additionally, she is responsible for organising the return of students from the US Ambassador Program at the university.

Caela is a graduate of Marist College, New York with a Bachelor’s of Arts in English with Music and Theater, and of the University of Limerick, with an Master’s of Arts in English. While at UL, she served as an Education in Ireland Postgraduate Student Ambassador in the ambassador program’s founding year, and later went on to work as a writing consultant, writing articles for Education in Ireland, Enterprise Ireland, Go Overseas,, the Chronicle of Higher Education, and Irish Central (through the Gaelic Girls Project).

Caela currently lives in Northern New Jersey, and has enjoyed travelling across the United States, exploring the many wonderful campuses she’s visited, and meeting countless incredible students who are hoping to pursue their academic endeavours in UCC.

Caela Provost - UCC Academy Ltd. American Rep.
Caela Provost
North American Officer/Representative for UCC