UCC Research Community

PrimeUCC aims to support the UCC research community in exploiting, and in particular coordinating, new funding opportunities by reducing the administrative burden associated with managing complex research proposals and projects.

The vision for PrimeUCC is to be the preferred project management service used by UCC researchers to manage their research contracts.
In order to achieve this vision, the mission of PrimeUCC is to strategically collaborate with dedicated university support services to provide a range of project management services to UCC researchers enabling the comprehensive management of research contracts, from proposal through to project completion, to funding body and university requirements.

  • Frees up your time for research by reducing admin and interaction burden
  • Increases your chances of success at proposal stage by;
  • Providing excellent budget and management section
  • Interacting with experts to provide inputs to make the impact excellent
  • Coordinating and scheduling timely partial and full proposal reviews
  • Interacting with key support services for sign off

  • Provides a personalised, professional and local service based at UCC
  • Provides expertise in project management helping you;
  • Maximise and then fully utilise your budget
  • Achieve your project schedule and associated deliverables and milestones
  • Collate reports and get your inputs to EC delivered on time
  • Add expertise without adding an additional partner

  • Has substantial experience in the area of proposal preparation – we have worked with over 20 researchers in four colleges
  • Has a proven track record in helping to secure Horizon 2020 funding
  • Can meet clients face-to-face when needed
  • Has staff with varied academic and professional backgrounds